About Greg Cox

Greg Cox has been the News & Observer’s restaurant critic since 1995. He grew up in North Carolina on a diet of Southern fried chicken (the real thing, cooked up in a cast iron skillet), fried okra, sweet sliced summer tomatoes and the best biscuits on the planet. He has cooked, catered, waited tables and dined in Europe, Canada, Mexico and much of the United States (especially the South, Southwest and Midwest).
Though not a graduate of a professional culinary institute, he has been a passionate student of the world’s cuisines for more than four decades. He learned to make a soufflé from Michel Pasquet, erstwhile owner of a Michelin two-star restaurant in Paris. He explored Moroccan cuisine with Paula Wolfert, long before couscous was cool. Chinese cookbook author Jean Yueh taught him a few chop sticks tricks. Biscuits, of course, he learned from his mom.
You can email Greg at ggcox55@gmail.com